Very new to this so far

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Very new to this so far

Postby rhillhouse » Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:28 pm

I am/was a Microsoft Money 2001 user (that's right, 2001) and at last I have to change as running that program on my mac through VM Ware , I now can't get internet connection also recognition of usb ports after upgrading to Sierra and I cant get printers to work of course and I am finally sick of manually upgrading stock market prices.
My questions are after I see so many similarities between this free download program and what I was using is this.
1. Can you download stock prices and have them integrate with other related accounts.
2. I cannot connect to the ASX.
3 I am assuming that the paid for software will do all this. I just don't see any indication that it does that.
4. What actual features are missing on this free version compared to the medium priced version?
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Re: Very new to this so far

Postby mthadm » Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:47 pm


You can download MyMoney trial from our website at it has the same Investments management functionality as paid versions and you can try it absolutely free for 60 days and see if it fits your needs and workflows

MyMoney uses 3rd party agggregators such as Yahoo and Google finance to resolve ticker prices - if those sites work for you then they will work in MyMoney also, you can adjust where the ticker price is being resolved from easily - you can switch into yahoos Australian stock exchange feed for example

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