Oops - Licensing error for newly purchased renewal

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Oops - Licensing error for newly purchased renewal

Postby bajanp » Sat Nov 08, 2014 4:54 am

I just purchased a renewal for MyMoney.
Got the license, downloaded and installed MyMoney 2.0.90 on OSX 10.10
Went to the licensing utility, installed the license, validated it (it correctly gives non-expiring license, free updates until 8.11.2015, Investmets disabled - which I do not need).
When I try to finish the licensing process, it gives the error: "Installed license is not eligible to further extensions".

OK, I went into a rather ugly process:
- installed the first purchased release (2.0.55),
- in order to be able to run that one I had to install Java 6 on OSX 10.10!!!!
- installed the old license
- installed the next renewal
- tried to install the newly purchased renewal - even the old version does not accept my new license.

So guys, I suggest that you come up quickly with a solution. I'm disappointed.

Peter Bajan
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Re: Oops - Licensing error for newly purchased renewal

Postby mthadm » Sat Nov 08, 2014 12:00 pm


We can help you with that, could you please send an email to info@mthbuilt.com - we will reply with activation steps for 2.0.90

MTH Software

Reminder: MTH Software employees will never ask for the username and password for any of your banking or credit card accounts.
Please do not provide this information when using our contact form.

My Money download page: http://www.mthbuilt.com/download.html
My Money manual: http://wiki.mthbuilt.com/My_Money_2.0_Manual
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