Build 2.0.87 Some Questions!

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Build 2.0.87 Some Questions!

Postby PeteLucas » Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:19 pm

Thanks for the new build.
I can confirm that my stock prices are now :P importing okay. But they DONT import on software start-up

The portfolio recalc button is very useful thank you

The payee list however still changes itself from alphabetical back to entry order when the application is closed and re-opened

The portfolio investment report still does not work correctly. The value of investments is inaccurate. For example Marks and Spencer shows the value of the purchase not the current portfolio value. Also my wife and I have two lots of Royal Mail shares 227 each making a total of 554 shares. Two entries in the ledgers. The investment report shows a quantity of 227 shares and again just the purchase price not the current value! Its not a big issue for me as the portfolio value screen is more important but thought you needed to know. I have tried selecting rebuild reports doesn't do anything

When editing or entering a transaction it would be useful if one could hit enter or return on the keyboard instead of clicking to enter the transaction in the ledger
Hope these little niggles can be overcome.. Thanks
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Re: Build 2.0.87 Some Questions!

Postby mthadm » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:31 pm


Most keyboard actions are user configurable, enter transaction is assigned to keyboard combo Control-Enter for example but you can change it to whatever is more convenient for you.

We would like to understand better Mark and Spencer report situation

Could you please send us an email at with the steps to reproduce, such as purchased 2 lots of security A at a price, current price is X - the report is wrong

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