Build 2.0.53 is scheduled for release on Friday, 03/19

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Build 2.0.53 is scheduled for release on Friday, 03/19

Postby mthadm » Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:33 pm

Build 53 - 03/19/2010
+ Fixed Reconciliation workflow issues
+ Accounts Manager will show Account totals and running balance
+ New refactoring option: Copy Payee into Memo
+ Updated OFX Connection Settings for American Express
- Fixed commision/fee logic on BUY transactions
- Added manual price updates for securities
- Added Quote normalizer for automatic pence->pound conversions
- Positions could be moved between porfolios on the same account
- Microsoft Money generated balances will be ignored on CSV-8 formats
- Fixed QIF importing issues for Accrued Interest and Bond Payments
- Fixed unit and unit price precision issues in dialogs
- Added Portfolio/Position metrics:
Gain/Loss(Total|Unrealized|Realized),Quantity,Return Rates

Build will be posted to:
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