Out come from "Data Base corrupted"

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Out come from "Data Base corrupted"

Postby tomrenee » Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:37 pm

To mthadm, wanted to let you know the out come for the older version you sent to us yesterday to try and fix our corrupted files, Turns out that 2.05 software is fine and when I was trying to sync and upload data from 2 of our 3 computers I stupidly did them at the same time and because of "human error" I damaged my own files. Just thought you needed to know it wasn't the version at all and I am now patiently reentering all my data so I can get my taxes done but have learned that backing up more often and having more than one location is freaking common sense. Learned the hard way but learned. I was a long time user of QB, over 25 years and had to use it every day at work but am enjoying your software so much more and it's ever changing improvements. I was able to test the newest version of QB before I got laid off and found it very burdensome with way to many choices and fancy pants screens and to make it all worse it doesn't work efficiently with Mac's. Keep up the good work and the simplicity I will be a long time supporter.
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