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OFX Connect issues

Postby brianb6603 » Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:31 pm

I am setting up MyMoney (bought it Tuesday) and am trying to do the OFX connection. The url for my credit union server was incorrect but the CU Customer agent got the correct one for me. Also the FID and ID were wong but I found them on the OSX Blog.
Now in the "setup bank connection" it connects and shows the Online icon on the chart of accounts listing. However I have 2 seperate "master" accounts (one for house, and one for my business) and under each "master" account I have several accounts, checking, Savings, overdraft, and car loans. The names I gave the accounts in the account information are the same as the bank uses ex. 111222 S1 (savings) 111222 S20 (checking) etc.

I have 2 problems:
1) I cannot seem to be able so setup 2 seperate logons for my 2 "master accounts". Is this possible?

2) When I do connect on the one I do have setup it gives me the error:
"Unable to connect to Oregon Community Credit Union Error Code Unable to download data: 2003 Message Account not found."
followed by a little popup " no data available to download at: 111222 checking" (111222 being a fake account name)

Any Ideas?
Brian D. Brown
Eugene OR

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Re: OFX Connect issues

Postby mthadm » Thu Jan 01, 2009 11:58 pm

When you connect to a bank trough My Money it issues a call asking for ALL accounts registered for the user id provided.

Bank typically responds that for this user id they have a number of accounts, My Money collects this response from a bank and then for each account provided by the bank it will ask bank to give a statement.

Once the data is downloaded then My Money will ask you to assign these bank provided accounts with your internal accounts, the choices will be remembered and used for consecutive connections.

In your situation it is unclear what is the bank response when they are asked for the list of accounts.

If you could, please capture the details of the connection as explained in http://wiki.mthbuilt.com/How_to_debug_Bank_connection

Please send it to us either pm on this forum or email to info at mthbuilt.com

Please remove the sensitive data such as account numbers, user names etc from communication log before sending it

MTH Software

Reminder: MTH Software employees will never ask for the username and password for any of your banking or credit card accounts.
Please do not provide this information when using our contact form.

My Money download page: http://www.mthbuilt.com/download.html
My Money manual: http://wiki.mthbuilt.com/My_Money_2.0_Manual
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